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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgametegam‧ete /ˈɡæmiːt/ noun [countable] technical  HBa type of cell which joins with another cell, starting the development of a baby or other young creature
Examples from the Corpus
gameteBut size is not the only difference between male and female gametes.We start from the gross difference in size of the male and female gamete.Diploidy is restored when two haploid gametes fuse.A female produces few, large, immobile gametes called eggs.Almost certainly, the first sexually reproducing organisms produced only small motile gametes, as many simple animals and plants do today.A male is defined as the gender that produces sperm or pollen: small, mobile, multitudinous gametes.This explains why there are two genders, one with small gametes, the other with large ones.In order to meet this third requirement, then, gametes must be able to find and make contact with other gametes.