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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparthenogenesispar‧the‧no‧gen‧e‧sis /ˌpɑːθɪnəʊˈdʒenɪsɪs $ ˌpɑːrθənoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  technicalHBM the production of a new plant or animal from a female without the sexual involvement of the male
Examples from the Corpus
parthenogenesisBacteria are not present in the eggs of bisexual strains or those with genetically based parthenogenesis.In mammals, however, parthenogenesis seems to be a non-starter.As Pateman notes, parthenogenesis would seem to be the only possibility.The nucleotide sequence data of parthenogenesis bacteria will appear in Genbank under the following accession numbers.FIG. 2 A most parsimonious phylogenetic tree of parthenogenesis and cytoplasmic incompatibility microorganisms based on 16S rDNA sequences.Based on their high sequence similarity, it is reasonable also to place parthenogenesis bacteria within this genus.Anyway, Loeb found that, with such simulation, parthenogenesis proceeded.To trigger parthenogenesis, then, Loeb had to simulate fertilisation.