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action stations aide-de-camp airborne aircraft carrier airlift allied armour arms control arms race array assault course AWOL balance of power bandmaster bandsman base battle(n) battle(v) battle cry battlefield battlements beachhead bivouac blackout blast blitz blockade(n) blockade(v) blockhouse bloodshed body bag body count bomb bombard bombardment bomb disposal boot camp bowman breastplate bridgehead bunker call-up cannonade capability captain capture carrier cashier cenotaph chief of staff citation civil defence C.O. command(n) command(v) commandant commander commander in chief command post commissariat commissary commission commissioned officer conquer conquest conscientious objector conscript(v) conscript(n) conscription convoy cookhouse Corp. corporal corps counterinsurgency counterintelligence countermand counter-revolution court-martial(n) court-martial(v) cross dawn raid death camp demilitarize demobilize deploy detonate disarm disarmament dispatch draft board draft card draft dodger draftee dress uniform drum major dump echelon encamp enemy engage engagement enlist enlisted exchange ex-serviceman ex-servicewoman field first lieutenant first strike flak jacket flash fort fortress foxhole FPO front gas mask general headquarters GHQ guardhouse headquarters high command HQ incursion indefensible insignia installation insubordination intelligence internment invade invader invasion kit bag KP lieutenant line Maj. major major general man march(v) march(n) march-past marshal massacre(n) massacre(v) mess(n) mess(v) militarism militarized military Military Academy Military Cross military service militia militiaman minuteman mission MP mutineer mutinous mutiny national service NATO NCO no-man's-land non-aggression non-aligned non-combatant objective observation post occupation occupy offence offensive(a) offensive(n) officer operation orderly outflank outpost overthrow overwhelm pact padre parade paramilitary parapet partisan password patrol perilous periscope pillbox pincer movement post POW pre-war prisoner prisoner of war Purple Heart push putsch PX quarter quartermaster quell raid(n) raid(v) rank rebellion recapture reconnaissance reconnoitre recruit(v) recruit(n) reinforce relieve Remembrance Day repel requisition retake retire retreat(v) retreat(n) review(n) review(v) ribbon sabre-rattling sally salute(v) salute(n) salvo samurai scorched earth policy scout(n) scout(v) scramble second lieutenant sentinel sentry sentry box sergeant sergeant major serviceman servicewoman Sgt. shell shelling siege skirmish staff officer staging area standard-issue star station(n) station(v) strategic strategist strategy stripe stronghold superpower suppress surgical strike surrender(v) surrender(n) tactical target(n) target(v) task force tattoo theatre trench warfare tripwire truce turret unarmed unoccupied valour veteran volunteer(n) volunteer(v) war chest war crime war cry war dance war effort warfare warhorse warlike warlord war memorial warmonger warrant officer warring warrior war-torn war widow war zone wounded zero hour


2 noun

the military

[also + plural verb British English] the military forces of a country [= the forces]:
He was never tempted to join the military.
in the military
My brother is in the military.
The military were sent in to break up the demonstration.
similar words: armed forces, the military, the services

people in the army: soldier, troops, infantry, G.I. AmE old-fashioned, squaddy British English

to join the army: join up/enlist

to leave the army: be discharged, desert (without permission)
go A.W.O.L.
(without permission)

to make people serve in the armed forces: call up British English/draft American English

the system of making people serve in the armed forces: conscription, military service, the draft American English, national service British English

relating to the armed forces: military

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