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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaide-de-campaide-de-camp /ˌeɪd də ˈkɑːmp/ noun (plural aides-de-camp (same pronunciation)) [countable]  PMa military officer whose job is to help an officer of a higher rank
Examples from the Corpus
aide-de-campHis ancestors included two presidents and an aide-de-camp to independence hero Simon Boli var.Four aides-de-camp were appointed and apartments in the Tuileries were set aside for bedroom, study and play room.Beside him are his aides-de-camp and a Prussian General.Edy Kapend, a Kabila aide-de-camp, and Gen.In 1920, embarrassingly soon after becoming naval aide-de-camp to George V, Sinclair was divorced.Instead, he was confronted by Howard's aide-de-camp Lieutenant Boyle, who sharply refuted the suggestion.Smith's aide-de-camp, Jack Cunningham, is another electoral reformer.His father was aide-de-camp to Prince Frederick, Duke of York.