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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharms raceˈarms race noun [countable usually singular] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š PMWEAPONthe competition between different countries to have a larger number of powerful weapons πŸ”Š the nuclear arms race
Examples from the Corpus
arms raceβ€’ Arms races sometimes culminate in extinction, and then a new arms race may begin back at square one.β€’ All the assurances that the treaty would not inaugurate an arms race or cost the United States anything were brushed aside.β€’ They can emphasise the danger of a new arms race.β€’ A test ban that could not inspire confidence would undermine stability and might even provoke a new arms race.β€’ They say that it could erode existing arms control agreements and lead to a new arms race.β€’ the nuclear arms raceβ€’ Further, the arms race between the superpowers has escalated still more.β€’ Nevertheless, the arms race went on.β€’ Scientists, the arms race and disarmament Who is responsible?nuclear arms raceβ€’ Seversk was created in 1949, at the onset of the superpowers' nuclear arms race.β€’ The Soviet Union tested its own hydrogen bomb within a year, and the nuclear arms race escalated further.β€’ Halt the nuclear arms race, for one thing; stop the spread of nuclear weapons, for another.