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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbattlebat‧tle1 /ˈbætl/ ●●● W2 noun [countable]  1 PMfight a fight between opposing armies, groups of ships, groups of people etc, especially one that is part of a larger war the Battle of Trafalgarin battle Her son was killed in battle.into battle a knight riding into battlebattle between battles between government forces and the rebels a pitched battle (=a long and serious battle) between police and drug gangssee thesaurus at war2 competition/argumentCOMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEAT a situation in which opposing groups or people compete or argue with each other when trying to achieve success or control a long-running legal battlebattle for a battle for custody of their childrenbattle between a fierce ratings battle between rival TV stationsbattle with an ongoing battle with my mother about eating properly3 change bad situationFIGHT FOR OR AGAINST something an attempt to solve a difficult problem or change an unpleasant situationbattle against a battle against the racism of the school systembattle with a long battle with lung cancerbattle for Scientology has fought long battles for acceptance as a religion.4 be half the battle5 a battle of wits6 battle of wills7 do battle (with somebody)8 fight your own battles9 the battle of the sexes10 the battle of the bulgeCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: an attempt to solve a difficult problem or change an unpleasant situationverbsfight a battle (also wage a battle formal)The police are fighting a tough battle against crime.Many areas around here are waging a constant battle against vandalism.win a battleIt’s essential to win the battle against inflation.lose a battlea brave little girl who lost her battle against cancerface a battlePaul faces a frantic battle to be fit for the match in November.adjectivesa long/lengthy battlehis long battle with alcoholisman uphill battle (=one that is very difficult)For most people losing weight is an uphill battle.a tough/hard battleHe faces a tough battle to prove his innocence.a constant battleAs a student, life was a constant battle against debt.a losing battle (=one that is going to fail)She was fighting a losing battle to stop herself from crying.
Examples from the Corpus
battleGrowing in the most sinister manner, it is embedded in a battle scene taking place across the River Nile.This was like a general who had lost a battle or some important territory being disciplined or shot.a battle between rival gangsIt has implied that where ideological commitments are involved a distinction may be made between relatively easy gestures and hard administrative battles.So the Task Force sped on toward its goal, every ship now tense and ready for battle.Jellicoe and his battle fleet were still well to the north.King Olaf died in battle, in 1030.Lyndon Johnson first sent U.S. combat troops into battle in March 1965.Now just kick the tyres, light the fires and leap off unarmed into battle.a long and costly legal battlePanting and snorting like a mad battle steed that has lost its rider, the masterless ocean overruns the globe.a naval battle in the North SeaAbout 200 students fought pitched battles with police during the demonstrations.He was killed in a street battle in 1998.She loved the chase and the battle and her freedom.The French lost the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.The President is fully committed to the battle against the drug traffickers.They now have a good chance of winning the battle against violence and drugs in the community.the Battle of the SommeThe battle against racial discrimination is not over.the Battle of Bunker Hillin battleSargent Merriman was killed in battle in 1943.legal battleRaines retained Abner Burnett of Midland, and the two squared off for a legal battle.The agreement effectively ends a bitter legal battle in two states between Mrs Harriman and the heirs.The developer, in turn, sued the city and Pilachowski, setting off a lengthy legal battle.However, after a prolonged legal battle, Fleiss said she is ready to end her standoff with state authorities.The legal battle has not ended.The ruling came at the end of a five-year legal battle between a divorced couple that cost £840,000.It's the latest stage in a nine-year legal battle over alleged building defects.battle againstthe battle against drug and alcohol abuse