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battlebattle2 ●○○ verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]FIGHT FOR OR AGAINST something to try very hard to achieve something that is difficult or dangerous Firefighters battled the flames.battle against/with She had battled against cancer.battle for a pressure group battling for better schoolsbattle to do something Doctors battled to save his life.2 battle it out3 [intransitive] literaryPMFIGHT to take part in a fight or war→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
battleLindsey found herself battling against an almost overwhelming and totally illogical desire to run her fingers through its neatness.Detectives are convinced 30-year-old Elizabeth battled bravely for her life and tried to escape by fleeing in her boyfriend's four-wheel-drive truck.Starring newcomer Johnny Depp, it was about four young cops who battled high school crime.Fighting between the Mujahideen has taken as much effort as battling the demoralised government forces.Now Haley is also battling the flu.battle against/withIn this play, the king and his army do battle with a larger force representing ambitious elements in the church.You control our heroine Jill as she battles with different creatures in her search for weapons, gems and health giving food.Minorities must still battle against discrimination.Independence and transcending childhood require personality development, not becoming better at a particular task, or doing battle with external difficulties.If he had drunk from it, the wounds received in his last dreadful battle against his nephew Mordred would have healed.After a long battle with the local council, she was finally taken to court and fined £800.The City bought the property under eminent domain proceedings after a protracted battle with the owner.The Mullahs nest great battle with the Shah came over his White Revolution in the early 1960's.The police did not only employ the law of criminal procedure in their tactical battle against the striking miners.