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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbattlefieldbat‧tle‧field /ˈbætlfiːld/ ●○○ (also battleground /bætlɡraʊnd/) noun [countable]  1 PMa place where a battle is being fought or has been fought2 ARGUEa subject that people disagree or argue a lot about Education has become a political battleground.3 a place where an argument or disagreement happens, or where people are competing against each other a battleground state during the election
Examples from the Corpus
battlefieldGeneral Schwarzkopf took the same attitude with his battlefield commanders.The triage system originated as a speedy method of prioritising patients that poured into battlefield hospitals.But both sides privately admit that older voters will be a major target and states with many retirees will be major battlefields.He reappeared as soon as the battlefield situation improved.Another program, called the battlefield combat identification system, is similar to an Air Force system used to identify friendly aircraft.Thousands died on the battlefields of northern France.They achieved resounding success, shouting psalms on the battlefield and when marching.Now it is a prosperous place, making its living from light industry and the visitors who come to tour the battlefields.Death enveloped the world, seeping from boardrooms to battlefields.