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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbivouacbiv‧ou‧ac1 /ˈbɪvu-æk/ noun [countable]  DLOPMa temporary camp built outside without any tents
Examples from the Corpus
bivouacOn descent he met Wanda at 8,300 metres and helped her arrange a bivouac.Now it's all Boy Scout stuff and bivouacs and tents.They had bivouacs, sleeping bags and cold-weather anoraks.The sun dropped below the horizon, the minutes ticked by and an involuntary bivouac began to seem a possibility.Their bayonets flashed through the obscurity, lighted up by the bivouac fires.That evening the bivouac fires of the two armies were a scant mile apart.Their bivouac in the rain and snow was less comfortable than at their former stations, where they had constructed some shelter.But although I said I was reasonably Spartan, this bare Nissen hut and my little windy bivouac pall a bit at times.