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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblockadeblock‧ade1 /blɒˈkeɪd $ blɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 PM[usually singular] the surrounding of an area by soldiers or ships to stop people or supplies entering or leaving a naval blockade They’ve imposed an economic blockade on the country. an agreement to lift the blockade (=end it)2 something that is used to stop vehicles or people entering or leaving a place Angry farmers used tractors as blockades on the streets.
Examples from the Corpus
blockadeLincoln, in turn, ordered a blockade of Southern ports.Beta blockade should also be considered in the high-risk patients.In Los Angeles our supporters outnumbered Operation Rescue demonstrators three to one and kept a planned clinic blockade from even getting started.The generals and admirals said they had always been against the blockade as being too weak and now they wanted immediate action.On Aug. 23 the appeal court upheld Kelly's original injunction against the blockades.But if the blockade continues it's going to start costing big money.Some left after only a fortnight and, as time went by, it became increasingly hard to maintain the blockade.Getting food supplies through the blockade is almost impossible.Tbilisi's airport was reopened, putting an end to the transportation blockade of the city.