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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloodshedblood‧shed /ˈblʌdʃed/ noun [uncountable]  PMKILLthe killing of people, usually in fighting or war diplomacy aimed at stopping further bloodshed
Examples from the Corpus
bloodshedWould there be bloodshed if and when they pulled out?In any democracy, a government can commit its people to certain bloodshed only if it believes it has their support.A massive security clamp down aimed at restoring order resulted in major bloodshed, particularly in the capital, Baku.He won the nomination early and with minimal bloodshed.The news comes as thousands of members of one faction crowded on to ships in a bid to escape more bloodshed.The two groups have a long history of bloodshed.Ephialtes was assassinated by a Boiotian, hired by his enemies - the last political bloodshed in Athens for fifty years.In parliament, Mr Rabin's Labour Party defeated by 50 votes to 41 a right-wing no-confidence motion prompted by the bloodshed.