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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbombardmentbom‧bard‧ment /bɒmˈbɑːdmənt $ bɑːmˈbɑːrd-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  PMa continuous attack on a place by big guns and bombs The bombardment continued for a terrible nine hours.aerial/artillery/naval bombardment (=attack from the air, land, or sea)
Examples from the Corpus
bombardmentThe devastating air bombardment of the last four weeks is only the latest of a series of assaults by foreign armies.These factors, however, made the camps prime targets for enemy attack and bombardment.But the ejection of grains by bombardment will not be even on a surface such as that shown in Fig. 1 1.2.Despite a heavy bombardment of the Occra Hills the abuses resumed almost immediately.Thunder exploded, roll after roll after roll, so that there seemed to be no gap between but only an incessant bombardment.Most, it had to be recognised, would have been unable to resist a heavy and sustained bombardment.You can not imagine what the first few minutes of that bombardment were like.The Germans began their bombardment of Paris in early 1870.aerial/artillery/naval bombardmentScarborough had even suffered a naval bombardment!In 1932 Stanley Baldwin had revealed that, in the opinion of the experts, there was no defence against aerial bombardment.This took the form of an artillery bombardment in which 6000 were killed.But for some extraordinary reason these bombers were wasted on attacking rail junctions that were already under effective artillery bombardment.Taylor was forced to retreat to the eastern outskirts of Monrovia on Oct. 12 following aerial bombardment of his positions.Worse yet, their presence frequently meant indiscriminate artillery bombardments against innocent villages suspected of harboring the Vietcong.The next day they withdrew under sporadic artillery bombardment.The effects of the artillery bombardment and the air strikes had been devastating.