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call-upˈcall-up noun [countable] British English  1 PMan order to join the army, navy etc syn draft American English He got his call-up papers in July.2 an opportunity or invitation to play for a professional sports team, especially a national onecall-up to Stewart’s recent call-up to the Wales squad
Examples from the Corpus
call-upDesperate to impress after his call-up to Sven Goran Eriksson's squad, the battling midfielder tried to dictate the attacks.Pears, 30, has been a key figure in Boro's hectic season and thoroughly deserves his call-up.This was his first visit since his call-up and it hadn't changed at all.So before my call-up I went to old Mr Grover in Darrowby and he painstakingly did all that was necessary.And as time goes by, your staff will likely decrease, for the age limits of call-up will rise.The call-up is drastic, with farmers leaving their crops, and businesses crippled as their men go.call-up papersIt was nearly two months since her call-up papers had come; two months since S-Sugar had not come back.He had protested strongly when her call-up papers came.Her call-up papers had come and she must go away.Dmitry Sokolov, a Jehovah's Witness, had been imprisoned between 1988 and 1990 for refusing his call-up papers.But my call-up papers came eventually.The Ministry of Defence served call-up papers on 390 army reservists.