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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommandcom‧mand1 /kəˈmɑːnd $ kəˈmænd/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 control [uncountable]IN CHARGE OF the control of a group of people or a situationunder somebody’s command troops under the command of General Robertsin command (of something) Lieutenant Peters was now in command. He felt fully in command of the situation.take command (of something) (=begin controlling a group or situation and making decisions) The fire officer took command, ordering everyone to leave the building.at somebody’s command Each congressman has a large staff at his command (=available to be used). By 1944, Fletcher had command of a B-17 bomber and a ten-man crew.2 order [countable]TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something an order that should be obeyed Shoot when I give the command.3 computer [countable]TD an instruction to a computer to do something4 command of something5 military [countable] a) PMAa part of an army, navy etc that is controlled separately and has a particular job pilots of the Southern Air Command b) PMa group of officers or officials who give orders the Army High Command c) PMthe group of soldiers that an officer is in control ofGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In this meaning of command is usually followed by a singular verb: The army command is considering a ceasefire.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The army command are considering a ceasefire.6 at your command7 be in command of yourselfCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the control of a group of people or a situationphrasesbe in command of somethingThe Colonel showed that he was in complete command of the situation.the chain/line of command (=a system of passing decisions from people at the the top to the bottom)Our company has a traditional management chain of command.verbshave commandAthens had command of the oceans.take command (=begin controlling a group or situation)Captain Kent took command of the Emergency Control Centre.assume command formal (=start to be in charge of a group of people)He assumed command of all the troops in the Washington area.put/place somebody in commandA third goal put Brazil in command of the game.lose commandThe enemy was losing command of the situation.be relieved of your command formal (=lose your military position because you have done something wrong)The General was relieved of his command due to misconduct.adjectivescomplete/full commandTheir fighters had full command of the air over Pearl Harbor.military commandA large area was already under US military command.joint command (=shared by two people, countries etc)Russia and Ukraine had joint command over the Fleet.sole command (=not shared with anyone)He was in sole command of a small military unit.command + NOUNa command structure (=the way in which a military organization is organized into ranks)Each of our national defence forces has its own command structure. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: an order that should be obeyedverbsgive a command (also issue a command formal)The General gave the command to open fire.obey a commandYour dog will soon learn to obey your commands.carry out a command (=obey one)The men carried out the command immediately.shout a commandKruger shouted his commands: 'Faster, faster!'bark a command (=shout one rather rudely)She just stands there barking commands while everyone works.
Examples from the Corpus
commandI heard him give a command and right after the command it sounded like a lightning crash...These pilots belong to the Southern Air Command.The Allied command was not unified.I ignored his command and took off after him, racing along as fast as my legs could carry me.If any of the King's subjects refused to obey one of his commands, they were put to death.Money Your finances are looking healthy and you feel confident that you're in command of your cash.That protecting Union line once broken left my command not only on the right flank but obliquely in rear of it.We do advise you to dig out the manual that came with your modem to help make sense of the relevant commands.An officer stood on one of the tanks and began shouting commands through a loudspeaker.Admiral Collingwood gave the command to open fire.Fire when I give the command.The command structure, then, began at court and centred around the king.A 12-hour alarm sounds off at your command.had command ofAthens, after all, had command of the oceans.By January 1944, Fletcher had command of a B-17 bomber and a ten man crew.give ... commandHaving done this give the command /Data, Query, Extract and the output range will fill with matching records.You define the macro by deciding which keystrokes are activated and which keys are used to give the command.