1 noun
com‧mand1 W2


[uncountable] the control of a group of people or a situation
under somebody's command
troops under the command of General Roberts
in command (of something)
Lieutenant Peters was now in command.
take command (of something) (=begin controlling a group or situation and making decisions)
The fire officer took command, ordering everyone to leave the building.
at somebody's command
Each congressman has a large staff at his command (=available to be used).
By 1944, Fletcher had command of a B-17 bomber and a 10 man crew.


[countable] an order that should be obeyed:
Shoot when I give the command.


[countable]TD an instruction to a computer to do something

command of something

knowledge of something, especially a language, or ability to use something
(have a) good/excellent/poor etc command of something
He's studied in the US and has a good command of English.


[C also + plural verb British English]
a) PMA a part of an army, navy etc that is controlled separately and has a particular job:
pilots of the Southern Air Command
b) PM a group of officers or officials who give orders:
the Army High Command
c) PM the group of soldiers that an officer is in control of

at your command

if you have a particular skill at your command, you are able to use that skill well and easily:
a pianist with the keys at his command

be in command of yourself

to be able to control your emotions and thoughts:
Kathleen walked in, tall, slim, confident and in total command of herself.

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