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commandcommand2 ●●○ verb  1 order [intransitive, transitive]TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something to tell someone officially to do something, especially if you are a military leader, a king etccommand somebody to do something Captain Picard commanded the crew to report to the main deck.command that The General commanded that the regiment attack at once.see thesaurus at order2 lead the military [intransitive, transitive]TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something to be responsible for giving orders to a group of people in the army, navy etccommander He commands the 4th Battalion.3 deserve and get [transitive]DESERVE to get something such as respect or attention because you do something well or are important or popularcommand respect/attention/support etc Philip was a remarkable teacher, able to command instant respect.command a high fee/wage/price etc Which graduates command the highest salaries?4 control [transitive]CONTROL to control something The party that commands a majority of seats in Parliament forms the government.5 view [transitive]SEE if a place commands a view, you can see something clearly from it The Ramses Hilton commands a magnificent view of Cairo.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
commandFord Motor Co. commands 16% of the market.Top free agent tackles have been commanding $ 3 million a year.Dr. Young commands a great deal of respect as a surgeon.Her porch commanded a view fit for an empress.Giannuli's office commands a view of the Capitol Dome in Sacramento.Its most impressive feature, a large round tower or donjon, commands an eastern view of the Dee estuary.I commanded an officers training corps.Almost all those provisions command bipartisan support.Traditionally, miners commanded higher wages than other workers.And yet you command me - speaking with your father's voice - to answer you.Received opinion in the art world is that he could command tens of thousands for each portrait.The King had the power to command that parliament be dissolved.Lee commanded the 101st Airborne division in World War II.Admiral Boyle commanded the entire crew to assemble on deck.command thatA macro is a special command that activates a series of keystrokes automatically.The user need never be aware of the internal commands that are triggered by the messages.Coordination is essential and to this effect there are groups of radio commands that can be used.The Archbishop's implied command that he leave the matter alone he decided to ignore.When Andrewes died early in the next reign, King Charles commanded that his sermons be published.The first is: every command that is given must be obeyed.command a high fee/wage/price etcGuillaume was interested in him again as his work was beginning to command higher prices.If her program beats me, her broker could use that to command higher fees.Tighter health budgets mean new drugs have to be very good indeed to command high prices.York ham commands a high price and is much sought after, especially at Christmas time.As a result they have traditionally commanded higher wages than most other manual workers.Yet that should have made pregnant slaves command high prices; they did not.