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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommissioncom‧mis‧sion1 /kəˈmɪʃən/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun  1 [countable]FIND OUT a group of people who have been given the official job of finding out about something or controlling something The Government set up a commission to investigate allegations of police violence.commission on the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution2 MONEY[countable, uncountable]MONEY an extra amount of money that is paid to a person or organization according to the value of the goods they have sold or the services they have provided The dealer takes a 20% commission on the sales he makes.on commission He sold cosmetics on commission.3 [countable] a request for an artist, designer, or musician to make a piece of art or music, for which they are paid a commission from the Academy for a new sculpture4 ARMY/NAVY ETC[countable]PM the position of an officer in the army, navy etc5 CRIME[uncountable] formalDO the commission of a crime is the act of doing itcommit 6 out of commission7 in commissionCOLLOCATIONSverbsset up/establish/create a commissionThey set up a commission to investigate the problem of youth crime. appoint a commission (=choose the members of a commission)The president appointed a commission to develop standards in schools.head a commission (=be in charge of one)He was elected to head a commission on tax reform.a commission recommends somethingThe commission recommended that the federal government change the way it measures inflation.a commission approves somethingThe commission approved the plan.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + commission a special commissionA special commission was set up to investigate the killings.an independent commissionThe plan requires approval by an independent commission.an international commissionan international commission on climate changea parliamentary commissionA report was made by a special parliamentary commission.a government commissionA government commission regulates the process.a national/federal commissionthe National Commission on Terrorisma presidential commissionthe Presidential Commission on Health Carea joint commission (=involving two or more countries or groups)a new India-Sri Lanka joint commissionan investigative/investigating commissionAn investigative commission was set up immediately after the incident.
Examples from the Corpus
commissionEach dealer makes a 20% commission on his sales.His basic salary is low, but he gets 20% commission on everything he sells.Ivanova has received a commission from the bank for a sculpture.Permission to sell a commission or permission to purchase one was again something which might involve the intervention of a politician.Brokerages charge commissions from $ 25 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the size of the transaction.The remainder of the votes were declared invalid, the election commission said.The election commission might postpone the election until these questions are clarified.Haley was asked to resign his commission.So why pay extra money in commissions for financial advice to get only an average return?Most insurance agents are on commission, and some earn a lot of money.The planning commission will allow 200 extra homes to be built on the site.Ukiyo-e artists such as Hokusai, Utamaro and Sharaku produced these works in small numbers and largely to special commission.The commission is expected to decide this month whether to open an investigation.The commission will seek to arbitrate a resolution before handing down a decision in late summer.set up ... commissionThe United Nations security council has set up a commission of inquiry.They could have published a White Paper or set up a commission of inquiry.The government met in emergency session on May 22 and agreed to set up a commission of inquiry to investigate the assassination.Fokin agreed to set up a commission to look into union grievances.on commissionJamil sells cars on commission.