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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorpscorps /kɔː $ kɔːr/ ●○○ noun (plural corps /kɔːz $ kɔːrz/) [countable]  1 PMa group in an army with special duties and responsibilities the medical corps the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers2 BOGROUP OF PEOPLEa group of people who work together to do a particular job the president’s press corps the diplomatic corps3 PMA technical a trained army unit made of two or more divisions (=groups of soldiers)
Examples from the Corpus
corpsa ballet corpsHe was one of their best corps commanders.I even felt this about the two trombones, who did not join the magnificent brass corps until its final chorale.He was the guy who developed an esprit de corps among the committee members.She had first given her life to Him as a child, at the mercy seat in the local corps.It has no officer corps and has never developed a uniform central system of recruitment and management.The breakdown of discipline and morale in the professional officer corps is hardly a state secret.The surgeons of our corps selected for a hospital a large massive stone building...To General von Zwehl the slaughter of his triumphant corps was particularly galling.