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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountermandcoun‧ter‧mand /ˌkaʊntəˈmɑːnd, ˈkaʊntəmɑːnd $ ˌkaʊntərˈmænd/ verb [transitive] formal  PMIGNOREto officially tell people to ignore an order, especially by giving them a different one Terrorists tried to force him to countermand the order to attack.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
countermandThe magicians may counterfeit, but they can not countermand. 1.In perhaps their most forceful intervention yet in Hong Kong, Mr Tung's wish was countermanded.Goldstein was expelled for countermanding a direct order from the supervisor.If not countermanded by personal courage or other organizational forces, this tendency becomes habitual and self-perpetuating.Maybe Jaq would send the signal for exterminatus - and that command would already have been countermanded, light years away.The Grand Duke appeared to be one of them, countermanding orders as fast as they were given.The excitable Miss Coleman countermanded Rain's directions with inaccurate and unhelpful ones.The election commission has therefore countermanded voting in several seats and ordered a re-poll in more than 1,000 booths.