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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcourt-martialˌcourt-ˈmartial1 / $ ˈ. ˌ../ noun  SCLPM[countable, uncountable] a court that judges soldiers etc who may have broken military law, or an occasion when this judgment is made Navy commanders recommended that he be tried by court-martial.
Examples from the Corpus
court-martialIsiah Chestnut, has been discharged in lieu of a court-martial.The outcome - a court-martial and a dishonourable discharge.Risking a court-martial, he returned to Rangoon to join Chennault.A court-martial could have brought a discharge and jail.Corporal Spencer will be held in jail until his court-martial in 90 days.The court-martial found Captain Faulknor carried no blame and was acquitted.