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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenlisten‧list /ɪnˈlɪst/ ●○○ verb  1 HELP[transitive] to persuade someone to help you to do somethingenlist somebody’s help/services etc He has enlisted the help of a sports psychologist for the team. The public are being enlisted to help.2 [intransitive, transitive]PM to join the army, navy etcenlist as He enlisted as a private.enlist in At the outbreak of war, he was enlisted in the army.enlistment noun [countable, uncountable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
enlistBy the end of 1915, over 700,000 men had enlisted.Only 31 percent of sailors re- enlist after their first enlistment period.He enlisted in the air force and eventually became a pilot.Frank enlisted in the marines at the age of 19.This habit of enlisting people to make a difference was very powerful.To increase a regular use of the County exchange service and enlist the advice and guidance of County library staff. 10.Pearl enlisted the help of independent consultants Price Waterhouse at an early stage.The same is true with regard to enlisted troops, if the conduct has a direct and palpable effect upon the military.In the first year of the war a million men enlisted voluntarily.enlist inIn the first year of the war, a million men enlisted in the armed forces.