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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexchangeex‧change1 /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun  1 giving/receiving [countable, uncountable]EXCHANGE the act of giving someone something and receiving something else from themexchange of an exchange of political prisonersin exchange for something I’ve offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for a week’s accommodation. Four of my cassettes for your Madonna CD is a fair exchange. part exchange2 argument/discussion [countable]ARGUE a short conversation, usually between two people who are angry with each other a quiet exchange between the judge and the clerk The DJ was fired after a heated exchange (=a very angry conversation) on air with a call-in listener.3 exchange of ideas/information etc4 something you buy [countable] the act of giving something you have bought back to the store where you bought it, for example because it does not work, fit etc, and taking something else instead The store’s policy is not to allow returns or exchanges.5 moneyPE [uncountable] a process in which you change money from one currency to another Most capital cities have extensive exchange facilities.6 students/teachers [countable]VISIT an arrangement in which a student, teacher etc visits another school or university to work or studyon an exchange (with somebody) I’m here for one term, on an exchange with Dr. Fisher.7 jobs/homes etc [countable] an arrangement in which you stay in someone’s home, do someone’s job etc for a short time while that person stays in your home, does your job etc Kate’s in New York on an employee exchange so she can get some more training. 8 fight [countable]PMFIGHT an event during a war or fight when two people, armies etc shoot or fire missiles at each otherexchange of fire/gunfire9 corn/wool/cotton etc exchangeCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a short conversation, usually between two people who are angry with each otheradjectivesa brief exchange (=a short conversation)There followed a brief exchange between Mitti and Helga in German.an angry exchangeHis angry exchange with the referee earned him a yellow card.a heated exchange (=a very angry conversation)I overheard a heated exchange between John and his wife.an acrimonious exchange formal (=in which people show their anger and criticize each other)The newspaper article led to a series of acrimonious exchanges between leading scientists.a sharp exchange (=one that shows someone disapproves of something or is annoyed)The proposed bill provoked some sharp exchanges in the House of Commons.a bitter exchange (=one in which people criticize each other with strong feelings of hate and anger)There were bitter exchanges between them outside the court room.a verbal exchange (=spoken rather than written)The two boxers recently became involved in a heated verbal exchange. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 5: a process in which you change money from one currency to anotherADJECTIVES/NOUN + exchange currency exchangeWe have seen wide fluctuations in rates of currency exchange this year.foreign exchange (=money in the currency of a foreign country, that a country gets by selling goods abroad)Timber is a vital source of foreign exchange earnings for the country.exchange + NOUNthe exchange rateWhat's the current exchange rate between the dollar and the euro?an exchange market (=a financial market where different currencies are bought and sold)The pound rose against the dollar on the world foreign currency exchange markets.exchange controls (=limits on the amount of a currency people are allowed to exchange)The government is going to impose stricter exchange controls. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 6: an arrangement in which a student, teacher etc visits another school or university to work or studyADJECTIVES/NOUN + exchange a student exchangeOur college arranged student exchanges with four colleges in France.a staff exchangeThe staff exchange programme allows the company to share personnel with partner institutions abroad.a cultural/scientific/academic exchangeThe mayors of Tokyo and New York signed an agreement to encourage cultural exchanges between the cities.
Examples from the Corpus
exchangeSale goods can be brought back to the store for an exchange or store credit.an exchange of gunfireDuring angry exchanges in Parliament the Prime Minister said he would not change existing policies.That will become especially important in the coming global battle between exchanges for international securities-trading business.a commodities exchangeA series of heated exchanges between the two governments followed.In any negotiations there must be an honest exchange of information.It is well within reason to expect help in this regard in exchange for further financial assistance.In the case of exchanges it usually translates into a general contractual duty to act fairly.It was obvious to me that they had been here before and that they were enjoying the exchange.A further cause could result from the exchange of gas in and out of the bladder.The exchange of prisoners took place on a bridge over the Mekong river.exchange ofCollins had a brief exchange of words with some reporters.Negotiators are considering the exchange of land for peace.heated exchangeHe had heard a heated exchange between Day and William Tidbury while they were in custody at Newbury.Stevens and Golding at one point yesterday got into a heated exchange over remarks Stevens claimed Golding made last week.That wasn't a truth he wanted to hear so there was quite a heated exchange.Ken Clarke, having listened to one of our more heated exchanges, wondered if we would ever speak to each other again.She was an only child and hated her parents' heated exchanges.Welch and I had a rather heated exchange about the appropriateness of his editorial interference, which had caught me by surprise.For a few minutes there were heated exchanges between the two.on an exchange (with somebody)Nigel Lawson's achievements on exchange and interest rates could be the deciding factor.I had been in Moscow the previous December to sign an agreement on exchanges with the Union of Journalists.It needs some sort of collective arrangement on exchange rates.Exports were calculated based on an exchange rate of 123.77 yen in February against 125.59 a year ago.Indeed, on an exchange, rules may often evolve out of practice, rather than viceversa.Pressure on exchange rates in late 1989 resulted in calls for currency stabilization on the part of the leading industrialized countries.Many firms do them on an exchange basis.exchange of fire/gunfireThe police are claiming they were killed in an exchange of fire.