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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrontfront1 /frʌnt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 the front2 the front3 the front4 the front5 in front of somebody/something6 in front7 on a ... front8 out front9 in (the) front/up front10 in front of the television/TV/computer etc11 up front12 weather [countable] technicalHEM the place where two areas of air of different temperatures meet, often shown as a line on weather mapswarm/cold front (=an area of warm or cold air)13 the front14 your front15 illegal activities [countable]SECRET a legal business that someone operates in order to hide the illegal activities that they are involved infront for The casino was used as a front for cross-border smuggling operations.16 hide feelings [singular] if you put on a front, you behave in a way that is happier, braver etc than you really feelput on/show a front Jenny didn’t want Adam to see how worried she was. So she put on a brave front. His arrogance is just a front. Deep down he’s really insecure. When disciplining children, it is important that parents present a united front (=show that they both feel the same about a situation).17 organization [singular]PPGPM used in the name of a political party or unofficial military organization the People’s Liberation Front18 war [countable]WAR the area where fighting happens in a war syn front line He joined the army, and was immediately sent to the front. Her husband was shot down over the Western Front. home front19 church [countable]TBB a side of a large important church building the west front of Rouen cathedral
Examples from the Corpus
frontThe car rental company is actually a front for a drugs ring.She puts on this "innocent little girl" act, but it's all a front.The charity has been accused of being a front for anti-government activity.The club was just a front - Luchese's real business was drug smuggling and gun running.The distinctively figured wood facing the wings on both back and front is an unusual choice of yew.Over instead of pull it over in front.His whole life passed in front of me; the lives of his fathers, his sons.The pass has a slight loft and, crucially, is thrown in front of Edney.Clinton ordered Pennsylvania Avenue closed to vehicular traffic in front of the White House.The disenfranchising effect of unemployment has worked on a number of fronts.His black hair was now white, as were his shoulders and the front of his coat.Trucks are heading toward the front with fresh supplies.The front had undergone a terrible impact, the rest was essentially intact.warm/cold frontThere'd be a warm front in Walmington then.Never risk parking out overnight without checking the weather forecast for a strong wind warning or the approach of a cold front.Forecasters are banking on a cold front to clear cloudy conditions.Another cold front passed through the north state Monday night and early Tuesday, chilling the region with November-like temperatures.Within a week of launching the Oxfam Cold Front Appeal we reached our target of half a million coats and jumpers.Following the successful Cold Front appeal it's flying in warm clothing and our reporter Kim Barnes joined the airlift.Clearing conditions were forecast behind the cold front that dragged low clouds through Central Florida early Friday.Where the cold front of winter can be a killer.front forInspectors found that the import/export business was just a front for a huge drug smuggling operation.brave frontI did not put up a brave front for Christine.sent to the frontInstead, as a civilian, he joined the Remounts, training horses to be sent to the front.