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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinsigniain‧sig‧ni‧a /ɪnˈsɪɡniə/ noun (plural insignia) [countable]  PMSIGN/SYMBOLa badge or sign that shows what official or military rank someone has, or which group or organization they belong toemblem the royal insignia military insignia
Examples from the Corpus
insigniaBefore modern institutions for extending credit were available, insignia and jewels were well adapted to serve as sureties for loans.They collect clothing with FBI insignia on it so they can pretend to be federal agents.Someone had spray-painted gang insignia on his car.I knew the medic insignia on his uniform and I knew, I knew, what I would see next.The sheer volume of insignia required for public services means that insignia can be given only the appearance of precious metals.Why is the lovely silver Royal Victorian Order insignia decorated with a rose, thistle, shamrock - and a sunflower?Each of these groups has its own insignia, its own susceptibilities, its own ways of resisting change.Specials share almost all the usual police responsibilities and just a small insignia on the epaulette distinguishes them from their regular colleagues.