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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinvadein‧vade /ɪnˈveɪd/ ●●○ verb 🔊 🔊 1 [intransitive, transitive]PM to enter a country, town, or area using military force, in order to take control of it 🔊 The Romans invaded Britain 2,000 years ago.see thesaurus at attack2 [transitive]ENTER to go into a place in large numbers, especially when you are not wanted 🔊 Every summer, the town is invaded by tourists. 🔊 Fans invaded the pitch at half time.3 [transitive]INTERFERE to get involved in something in an unwanted and annoying way 🔊 What right does he have to invade my privacy? 🔊 Patients are given the feeling that they mustn’t try to invade medical territory (=try to deal with things that are not their responsibility). invasion→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
invadeEnemy forces were almost certainly preparing to invade.Sicily was invaded by the Normans, and later by the Saracens.In his latest film, super-intelligent aliens invade Earth and try to take over.A virus has invaded most of their computers.Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.