2 verb
massacre2 [transitive]
1PMSCC to kill a lot of people or animals in a violent way, especially when they cannot defend themselves:
The army massacred more than 150 unarmed civilians.
Tens of thousands of dolphins and small whales are brutally massacred every year.
see usage note kill1
2 informalDS to defeat someone very badly in a game, competition etc:
The Cougars massacred the Bucs last night, 38 - 7.
3 informal to spoil part of a play, a song etc by performing it very badly:
Unfortunately, Jones absolutely massacres the role of Ophelia.

kill, murder, execute, put to death, kill yourself, commit suicide, slaughter, massacre, assassinate
There are many different words meaning to kill someone. Kill is the most general He says he did not mean to kill his wife. Thousands of soldiers were killed in the war.Use murder to talk about deliberately killing someone, especially after planning to do it He is charged with murdering a policeman.When you are talking about killing someone as a punishment for a crime, use execute or put someone to death He was executed by a firing squad. the first person to be put to death in San Quentin jailIf someone deliberately causes their own death, say that they commit suicide or that someone kills himself or herself the feeling of hopelessness that led him to commit suicide, It was not the first time she had tried to kill herself. Slaughter and massacre mean to violently kill a large number of people who cannot defend themselves. These words are used mainly in writing or journalism Hundreds of innocent civilians were slaughtered. Soldiers massacred 900 men, women, and children in the village.Use assassinate to talk about killing an important person, especially a politician J.F.Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.See also kill

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