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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmutineermu‧ti‧neer /ˌmjuːtəˈnɪə $ ˌmjuːtnˈɪr/ noun [countable]  PMREBELLION/REVOLUTIONsomeone who is involved in a mutiny
Examples from the Corpus
mutineerThose who resisted were denounced as mutineers and treated accordingly.The dark outline of the forest was enough to discourage even the boldest mutineer.He was a rebel without a cause, a born mutineer.He called for the discharge of rebels from the Army, and for courts martial and lengthy sentences for the mutineers.The air force general leading the mutineers refused to give up control of the base even as the seige of Makati ended.My good friend Friday came with me, of course, but we left the mutineers on the island.With the disaffection of these forces, President Herrera had no troops with which to repress the mutineers.The Appeal Court also rejected the prosecution's claim that the mutineers had tried to mount a coupd'etat.