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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoutpostout‧post /ˈaʊtpəʊst $ -poʊst/ noun [countable]  PMBBTa group of buildings in a place far from cities or towns, usually established as a military camp or a place for trade a remote outpost of the empire
Examples from the Corpus
outpostThis shop is surely an outpost of hell, with its oppressive heat and dense clouds of smoke.Riney had the hard job of luring quality talent to the backwaters outpost of a respected agency.The city began its life as a remote border outpost.Example 1 Stockport District Health Authority has developed a locality model of purchasing with extended outposts in localities.Assembly of the global outpost is scheduled to begin in late 1997.Today, the practice lives on in such modern outposts as Girlfriends Coffeehouse.But the evasion is not completely successful, for the authorities have semantic outposts in other words as well.The exactitude of this association gave the outpost a familiarity and calmed her even more.Clearly the tiny outpost was awaiting demolition, but maybe that wouldn't come for many years.