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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparadepa‧rade1 /pəˈreɪd/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 DLOCELEBRATEa public celebration when musical bands, brightly decorated vehicles etc move down the street a victory parade the St Patrick’s Day parade2 PMa military ceremony in which soldiers stand or march together so that important people can examine them a military paradeon parade (=be standing or marching in a parade) troops on parade3 LINEa line of people moving along so that other people can watch them a fashion parade4 a series of people, events etc that seems to never endparade of She had a constant parade of young men coming to visit her.5 British EnglishTTRBBT a street with a row of small shops identification parade, hit parade
Examples from the Corpus
paradeThe city has a parade every 4th of July.A parade of scientists and scholars told the panel that the risks of nuclear smuggling were real and rising.When Johnson arrived home after the championships a big parade was held in his honour.In June 1969 a proposed Connolly commemoration parade through Belfast city centre was bitterly opposed by loyalists.Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeIt welled up, reclaiming its rightful position in the hit parade of the senses: No.He was not even among the long parade of speakers on that day.Her island had a twenty-foot movie screen, a pantomime parade, carnival.Most of the groups from the parade have information booths.Metro stations were temporarily jammed after the inaugural ceremony and toward the end of the parade.A lot of soldiers were missing from the Victory parade.parade ofFor the next six hours, he treated an endless parade of sick children.