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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpre-warpre-war /ˌpriː ˈwɔː◂ $ -ˈwɔːr◂/ adjective [usually before noun]  PMWARhappening or existing before a war, especially the Second World War opp post-war pre-war Britain
Examples from the Corpus
pre-warThere was some pre-war and wartime development but the real growth began in the 1940s.Tommy did all the pre-war Chapel outings.But does it exist anywhere outside coiled up rolls of decaying celluloid of pre-war films?Bert Hall, a true Texan soldier-of-fortune, already had a colourful pre-war flying career behind him.The last of the pre-war Kindertransporte left Berlin on 31 August.They feared a post-war depression but wanted a return to pre-war policies.But that is looking back to pre-war pre-Blitz days.Different sections of the pre-war work-force suffered from one or the other.