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pushpush2 ●●○ noun  1 pushing movement [countable]PUSH when someone pushes something opp pull Jodi had stopped swinging. ‘Want a push?’ her dad asked. If the door’s stuck, just give it a push.at/with the push of a button (=used to emphasize how easy a machine is to use) Files can be attached to your email at the push of a button.2 effort [countable] when someone, especially a business, tries to get or achieve something the pre-Christmas advertising pushpush into The company has recently made a big push into the Japanese market.push for the push for improved productivitypush to do something a push to attract new members3 encouragement [singular]PERSUADE if someone gives someone else a push, they encourage or persuade them to try something She just needed a gentle push to get her to join in.4 army [countable]PM a planned military movement into the area where the enemy ispush into The army has made another big push into enemy territory.5 give somebody the push/get the push6 when/if push comes to shove7 at a push8 it’ll be a push
Examples from the Corpus
pushIn a push to capture more of the market, Conoco will start selling propane.The President has renewed a push to get the hostages freed.And the Democrats in Congress have bedeviled Dole with a push for a raise in the minimum wage.Rebel forces are believed to be preparing a final push into the city.For now the railway operates a short push and pull service between Furnace Sidings and the Whistle Inn.When push came to shove, the Northern California hospitality came through.give ... pushInstead of jerking on the lead, he gave a mighty push to the bear's head and the man-animal rolled over backwards.Just as he reached the top step I gave him a push - not a hard push, just defensive.Some kids gave two pushes, some five, building up.Will your lads give me a push?As he cut she gave an almighty push and ripped open to her behind.Bigger capacity engines produce more torque as more fuel is burnt per firing stroke, giving a bigger push to the piston.St Ives said it was a mercy he hadn't after all approached Meredith and asked him to give her the push.It would give them the push they needed to come out into the open.made ... pushThe tears have been made by pushing a blade of some scissors through the fabric, and then cutting.Women of that age, she'd read somewhere, often made a push for one final fling.The sound of the door being opened made her instinctively push the child aside from her.Fingers that longed to cling curled into her fists as she made to push herself away.Attempts were made to push out the burning fuel with scaffolding poles.