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pushpush2 ●●○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 pushing movement [countable]PUSH when someone pushes something opp pull πŸ”Š Jodi had stopped swinging. β€˜Want a push?’ her dad asked. πŸ”Š If the door’s stuck, just give it a push.at/with the push of a button (=used to emphasize how easy a machine is to use) πŸ”Š Files can be attached to your email at the push of a button.2 effort [countable] when someone, especially a business, tries to get or achieve something πŸ”Š the pre-Christmas advertising pushpush into πŸ”Š The company has recently made a big push into the Japanese market.push for πŸ”Š the push for improved productivitypush to do something πŸ”Š a push to attract new members3 encouragement [singular]PERSUADE if someone gives someone else a push, they encourage or persuade them to try something πŸ”Š She just needed a gentle push to get her to join in.4 army [countable]PM a planned military movement into the area where the enemy ispush into πŸ”Š The army has made another big push into enemy territory.5 β†’ give somebody the push/get the push6 β†’ when/if push comes to shove7 β†’ at a push8 β†’ it’ll be a push
Examples from the Corpus
pushβ€’ In a push to capture more of the market, Conoco will start selling propane.β€’ The President has renewed a push to get the hostages freed.β€’ And the Democrats in Congress have bedeviled Dole with a push for a raise in the minimum wage.β€’ Rebel forces are believed to be preparing a final push into the city.β€’ For now the railway operates a short push and pull service between Furnace Sidings and the Whistle Inn.β€’ When push came to shove, the Northern California hospitality came through.give ... pushβ€’ Instead of jerking on the lead, he gave a mighty push to the bear's head and the man-animal rolled over backwards.β€’ Just as he reached the top step I gave him a push - not a hard push, just defensive.β€’ Some kids gave two pushes, some five, building up.β€’ Will your lads give me a push?β€’ As he cut she gave an almighty push and ripped open to her behind.β€’ Bigger capacity engines produce more torque as more fuel is burnt per firing stroke, giving a bigger push to the piston.β€’ St Ives said it was a mercy he hadn't after all approached Meredith and asked him to give her the push.β€’ It would give them the push they needed to come out into the open.made ... pushβ€’ The tears have been made by pushing a blade of some scissors through the fabric, and then cutting.β€’ Women of that age, she'd read somewhere, often made a push for one final fling.β€’ The sound of the door being opened made her instinctively push the child aside from her.β€’ Fingers that longed to cling curled into her fists as she made to push herself away.β€’ Attempts were made to push out the burning fuel with scaffolding poles.