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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrankrank1 /ræŋk/ ●●● W3 noun  1 position in army/organization [countable, uncountable]SCPPM the position or level that someone holds in an organization, especially in the police or the army, navy etcrank of officers below the rank of Colonel He held (=had) the rank of Chief Inspector.rise to/be promoted to/attain the rank of something During the war Harold had risen to the rank of major.high/senior/low/junior rank an officer of junior rank He was sentenced to prison and stripped of his rank (=had his rank taken from him).2 the ranks3 break ranks4 line [countable] a rank of people or things is a line or row of themrank of Silently, ranks of police edged closer to the crowds. Everyone lines up in ranks, all facing the instructor.rank after rank/rank upon rank (=a lot of things or people in a row) On the shelves were rank after rank of liquor bottles.5 pull rank (on somebody)6 POSITION/RANKquality [singular] the degree to which something or someone is of high quality While none of these pictures is of the first rank (=of the highest quality), some are of interest.7 social class [countable, uncountable]SSPOSITION/RANK someone’s position in society people of all ranks in society He came from a family of rank (=one from a high social class).8 taxi [countable] (also taxi rank)TTCBBT a place where taxis wait in a line to be hired I called a taxi from the rank outside. close ranks at close1(17)COLLOCATIONSverbshold a rankFrom 1 Dec 1914 to 31 Oct 1915 he held the rank of captain.rise to/achieve/reach a rank (also attain a rank formal)He rose to the rank of colonel.be promoted to a rankHe was promoted to the rank of Captain.be stripped of your rank (=have it taken from you as a punishment)The officer was stripped of his rank for his part in affair.adjectiveshigh/low/middle rankHer father had been an army officer of fairly high rank.senior/junior rankHe held a junior rank in the infantry.cabinet/ministerial rankAs promised, a minister of cabinet rank has now been appointed to supervise its operation
Examples from the Corpus
rankApplying the usual procedure to obtain this in another frame we obtain so that transforms as a rank 2 tensor.So I goes to the cab rank, and gets up on the box.The position of Secretary of State holds Cabinet rank.This hot work, however, had left the Confederate ranks badly fragmented.If anything, the past few days demonstrated even more turmoil in Democratic ranks.She always wore rich fabrics and jewels, as befitted one of her rank.Her rank, though high, did not meet the level protocol demanded of future empress.They were all standing in ranks next to each other.State your name, rank, and serial number.He was obviously destined for the professional ranks and as I watched him I could see why.But we have not been able to attract them into the professorial ranks in anywhere near the percentage they are getting degrees.Gang members wear clothes or decorations that show the member's rank.Four of the boys in Boy Scout Troop 611 reached the rank of Eagle Scout.He joined the Los Angeles police department and was eventually promoted to the rank of lieutenant.Now there is talk of recruiting blacks and Latinos, traditionally absent from the higher union ranks, to more prominent positions.held ... rankHis father had held army rank and won a medal in the last war.Kimmel held four-star rank and Short wore three stars on the day of the attack.He also wore uniform but explained that he only held an honorary rank.of the first rankWashington has emerged as an actor of the first rank.For Stewart, the Athens dispatches were a journalistic coup of the first rank.John was a substantial magnate but, in terms of land held in hereditary right, not one of the first rank.family of rankYou see, you said the girl would have to come from a family of rank.