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recruitrecruit2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 BOPMsomeone who has just joined the army, navy, or air forceconscriptnew/raw/fresh recruit (=one who is completely untrained) Drill sergeants have eight weeks to turn fresh recruits into soldiers.2 SSODLCsomeone who has recently joined an organization, team, group of people etc New recruits are sent to the Atlanta office for training.
Examples from the Corpus
recruitNo questions were asked as long as recruits accepted the harsh conditions and the unit's strict code of honour.And like Travieso, he became a well-known high school player, an All-State selection and a coveted recruit.Its boasts about fanatical recruits lining up for paradise through the martyrdom of suicide-bombing may be bluster.Peter is one of our new recruits.The first day that Bailey and other recruits can sign with schools is April 10.Any potential recruit knew the score.At many banks, young recruits first work as tellers.At most banks, young recruits spend a few months working as tellers.new/raw/fresh recruitYou could tell he was a new recruit.A new recruit to the service will be paid £243-a-week, £11 more.Sometimes the Party establishment, in its political moods, falls to judge the mood of its new recruits.Many new recruits have been influenced by their experiences during a hospital stay or visit.But with few others to look to, I formed with Nico the sort of fast association of fresh recruits.Here she is, a senior starter coming off the bench having to prove herself like some new recruit.He referred to the frequent complaints from industry that new recruits from school were ill-equipped with basic skills.Some company members were unfriendly to the new recruit.