Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: repellere, from pellere 'to drive'


re‧pel past tense and past participle repelled, present participle repelling
1 [transitive] if something repels you, it is so unpleasant that you do not want to be near it, or it makes you feel ill [↪ repulsive]:
The smell repelled him.
2 [transitive]PM to make someone who is attacking you go away, by fighting them:
The army was ready to repel an attack.
3 [transitive] to keep something or someone away from you:
a lotion that repels mosquitoes
4 [intransitive and transitive] technicalTEEHP if two things repel each other, they push each other away with an electrical force [≠ attract]:
Two positive charges repel each other.

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