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retreatretreat2 ●○○ noun  1 of an army [countable, uncountable]PM a movement away from the enemy after a defeat in battle opp advance Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow The rebel forces are in full retreat (=retreating very fast). The bugler sounded the retreat (=gave a loud signal for retreat).2 movement back [singular, uncountable]BACK/BACKWARDS a movement away from someone or somethingretreat from Ten thousand years ago the ice began its retreat from Scotland.3 beat a retreat4 change of intention [singular, uncountable]CHANGE YOUR MIND when you change your mind about something because your idea was unpopular or too difficultretreat from a retreat from hard-line policies5 place [countable]PLACE a place you can go to that is quiet or safe a country retreat6 thought and prayer [countable, uncountable]RR a period of time that you spend praying or studying religion in a quiet placeon (a) retreat I spent three weeks on retreat in Scotland.7 finance [singular, uncountable] technical a situation in which the value of shares etc falls to a lower level
Examples from the Corpus
retreatStock prices turned downward today in a retreat led by IBM.It appeared to represent a retreat in the face of international criticism.Today's statement represents a retreat from their previous position.a retreat for writers and artistsThey were forced to beat a hasty retreat and arrived at their rendezvous with Morris's patrol on time.An army in retreat can be even more dangerous than one that is advancing.Thereafter, the conventional insistence on the balanced budget under all circumstances and at all levels of economic activity was in retreat.The room was an intimate retreat from the rest of the house.the presidential retreat at Camp DavidThe soldiers made a strategic retreat.Most of the Others were too paralyzed with fright to move; but some began a slow, stumbling retreat.But the playroom is to be absorbed into the retreat and conference centre next year.The retreat of Marxism has been paralleled by the ascendancy of the New Right.And the other thing I think is, you need to get out of this retreat mode.in full retreatHe informed us that our brigade was to be the rear guard of the army, which was in full retreat.Pope interpreted this movement to mean that the enemy were in full retreat.on (a) retreatThe prayer opposite was composed last year by deacons on retreat before they were ordained priests and missionaries.The only trouble was this: the sepoys kept on bravely coming forward, while he and his men kept on retreating.We called another time and they said they were all out on retreat.Rain beats on the canvas tent in which she is staying on a retreat with other Innu.He hung up his sword and went on a retreat to Manresa, where he authored Spiritual Exercises in 1522.