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salutesalute2 noun  1 [countable]PM an act of raising your right hand to your head as a sign of respect, usually done by a soldier to an officer As they left, the corporal gave them a respectful salute.in salute The officer raised his hand in salute.2 [countable, uncountable]HELLO something that expresses praise to someone for something they have achieved, or that expresses honour or respect to someone or somethingin salute Everyone at the table raised their glasses in salute.salute to His first words were a salute to the people of South Africa.3 [countable]PM an occasion when guns are fired into the air in order to show respect for someone important a 21-gun salute
Examples from the Corpus
saluteKevin raised both clasped hands in a salute to acknowledge luke-warm cheers.State law requiring a flag salute is superseded by the First Amendment of the Constitution.What if state law requires a daily flag salute?Many states mandate daily flag salutes and other patriotic exercises.Shaker gave a loose salute, and the grinning ensign tapped his forehead with a finger.Carlson felt it unnecessary to return the customary military salute.He flourished the bloody sword at them in a mocking salute, then trotted back to the road.Aldo gave a slovenly salute and left.