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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsamuraisam‧u‧rai /ˈsæmʊraɪ/ noun (plural samurai) [countable]  PMa member of a powerful military class in Japan in the pastsamurai adjective a samurai sword
Examples from the Corpus
samuraiHe guards both wife and daughter like a samurai.A samurai was publicly marked out from the rest of society by his appearance and his bearing of two swords.Nobles, like samurai, were forbidden to trade: they therefore employed nominees.The workpeople were their serfs, and the foremen, managers and engineers were the modern samurai.The disproportionate population of samurai attracted vast numbers of retailers, craftsmen and servants to service the large and wealthy consumer market.In the end there were not many things worth wanting for the serious man, the samurai.There were few outward signs, however, that the samurai was ready to sheath his sword.This short, steel, truncheon-like weapon was capable of meeting a full-blown attack from a sword-wielding samurai.