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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscramblescram‧ble1 /ˈskræmbəl/ ●●○ verb  1 climb [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]CLIMB to climb up, down, or over something quickly and with difficulty, especially using your hands to help youscramble up/down/over etc They tried to scramble up the cliff. She scrambled down the tree as quickly as she could.2 move quickly [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to move somewhere in a hurried awkward wayscramble to/out/from etc Alan scrambled out of the way. Micky scrambled to his feet (=stood up very quickly and awkwardly) and hurried into the kitchen.3 do something quickly [transitive] to try to do something difficult very quicklyscramble to do something They were scrambling to give the impression that the situation was under control.4 compete [intransitive]COMPETE WITH/TRY TO BEAT to struggle or compete with other people to get or reach somethingscramble for Thousands of people will be scrambling for tickets.5 information/message [transitive]TCTD to use special equipment to mix messages, radio signals etc into a different form, so that they cannot be understood by other people without the correct equipment Our conversation will be electronically scrambled. 6 mix [transitive] to mix words, ideas, sentences etc so that they are not in the right order and do not make sense The words in each sentence are scrambled.7 scramble an egg8 scramble somebody’s brains9 aircraft [intransitive]PM if a military plane scrambles, it goes up into the air very quickly in order to escape or to attack an enemy→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scrambleIn this game, the letters of the words are scrambled.It is an up-to-date form of telephone scrambling.Error correction is what modems do to compensate when bits get lost or scrambled because the phone connection is less than perfect.Some scramble for the freshly scrubbed MBAs; others want analysts who come from the industry they will cover.Most of those aboard the Vlorewere quickly rounded up after scrambling or swimming ashore.We scrambled out of our tents shouting excitedly, straight into the pools of torchlight coming from the mountain rescue team.Consciousness of the audience made Michael Banks nervous, and nervousness scrambled the lines in his head even further.Most cable TV companies began scrambling their signals in the mid-1980s.Begging five minutes, I scramble to dress and throw the bed together, mind scrabbling to approximate readiness.I noticed his look of alarm, and scrambled to my feet and stared forward, also listening intently.scramble up/down/over etcPascoe scrambled up and found cover behind the light.They always thought it was feed time if the light went on and would scramble up expectantly and start pawing and whinnying.A few combinations scrambled over only to fall apart on landing.We scramble over the boulders to inspect the rapid below.Now she could hear heavy breathing, gasps and a grunt as some one scrambled up the rubble in front of her.He scrambled up the side of the quarry to his car.As he was scrambling up the steepest bit, pulling himself up by the bracken, he heard something.The rusted framework and a wing section entice us to scramble up there.scramble to/out/from etcThe brothers toiled and scrambled to build the company, then they toiled and scrambled to keep it alive.In the past Ryan was always scrambling to find care for her children.As a result, many businesses are having to scramble to get the overnight letters and packages they need to do business.He flushed, trying to scramble to his feet again.In the hushed silence that followed he scrambled to his feet, his face and neck flushing scarlet.However, the scramble to keep the peace went on.Healthcare companies are scrambling to patent the new approach first.scramble to do somethingInternet users are clamoring for more speed, and dozens of companies are scrambling to deliver it to them.Distillers scrambled to develop processing techniques that would allow them to carve out their own niches.In the past Ryan was always scrambling to find care for her children.Everyone had to scramble to finish the project on time.One minute I was a ploughman; the next I was scrambling to get out from under an interrogator's lamp.Fernando drew away from her and Ruth scrambled to her feet, smoothing the creases from her dress.He flushed, trying to scramble to his feet again.Micky scrambled to his feet and hurried out of the room, grabbing his coat as he went.He scrambled to his feet to join the others.Officials scrambled for ways to meet the demand.scramble forThere was a scramble for the best seats in the auditorium.People were scrambling for the seats in the front row.