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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstripestripe /straɪp/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 CFLINEa line of colour, especially one of several lines of colour all close together a shirt with black and white stripesvertical/horizontal stripes2 of all stripes/of every stripe3 PMSCPa narrow piece of material worn on the arm of a uniform as a sign of rank earn your stripes at earnTHESAURUSstripe a line of colour, especially one of several lines of colour all close togetherthe red and white stripes on the US flaghorizontal stripesstreak a coloured line or thin mark, especially one that is not straight or has been made accidentallyHis hair was black with streaks of grey.He saw the red streaks of sunrise in the sky.band a thick line of colour that is different from the areas around itThe fish has a black band on its fin.
Examples from the Corpus
stripeIf there isn't a false cornice or cove, form one by painting a stripe or two immediately under the ceiling.The other, facing us, wears aqua, four thin black stripes low on her hips.Then Kathleen, in a purple silk dress with black stripes, a black hat, and black shoes.He was wearing a grey suit with narrow blue stripes.I put on a dark grey suit with a fine stripe, a grey woollen tie and a soft white shirt.He lined up the reds and whites into stripes, then got the blues into their square.Some 500 details of people's credit card magnetic stripes were found on computers.He made off, with the other man, in a silver metro type car with distinctive red stripes.a sergeant's stripesThe American flag has red and white stripes.My horse had a big white stripe down the middle of his nose.He was sheathed in a blue body stocking which had yellow stripes running from his armpits to his ankles.vertical/horizontal stripesBees, thus, actively approach horizontal stripes and avoid vertical ones, suggesting that there are two or more independent channels.The pattern of seven dark horizontal stripes on a light background is not fully evident in juvenile specimens.Behind the head it displays horizontal stripes.The stripey is marked with black and yellow-gold horizontal stripes.Perhaps so, but if this is the case, why should vertical stripes be selected as the particular zebra pattern?Thin vertical stripes and a drawstring waist make this divided dress ideal for the fuller figure.