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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsuperpowersu‧per‧pow‧er /ˈsuːpəˌpaʊə $ -pərˌpaʊr/ noun [countable]  PGPMa nation that has very great military and political powersee thesaurus at country
Examples from the Corpus
superpowerThe book traces the emergence of China as a superpower in the 21st century.He hinted a bigger presence for the U.S. military in the Asian Pacific region where China is emerging as a superpower.But there is a tide here that may be irresistible even for a superpower.It seemed a reasonable bargain in which each superpower could exert restraint over its regional allies.A leading figure in the Arab world, sure that the Third World should not align itself with either superpower.The United States is left as the only global superpower, in effect.On a lavishly embossed coffee table before us lies the justification for this grot-pop superpower summit.The United States, as the world's only remaining superpower, must continue making arms control a central element of its foreign policy.The acute danger of any use of nuclear weapons is that this could escalate to a full-scale strategic exchange between the superpowers.Yet our work helps sustain the superpowers and their intolerable system of separation.Under the new President there was clearly going to be no relaxation of the competition between the two superpowers.