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surrendersurrender2 ●○○ noun [singular, uncountable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 PMLOSE A GAME, COMPETITION, OR WARwhen you say officially that you want to stop fighting because you realize that you cannot win πŸ”Š the humiliation of unconditional surrender (=accepting total defeat)surrender to somebody/something πŸ”Š the Nazis’ surrender to the Allied forces2 when you give away something or someone, usually because you are forced tosurrender of πŸ”Š a surrender of power πŸ”Š the surrender of all illegal weapons3 LET/ALLOWwhen you allow yourself to be controlled or influenced by something πŸ”Š total surrender to drug addiction
Examples from the Corpus
surrenderβ€’ Colonel Casado was anxious to negotiate a surrender.β€’ A surrender value may not be available if premiums have been paid for less than two years.β€’ It held passion and fire, it was a kiss of domination that asked for surrender yet promised surrender in return.β€’ The Milanese were starving, and forced into surrender.β€’ Then he let down bundles of lighted straw to kill them or choke them into surrender.β€’ Philosophy, by contrast, does not elaborate a mode of experience but rather requires its surrender.β€’ I do not accept that the proposal represents a major surrender of sovereignty.β€’ Beauty on the verge of surrender, and thus all the more beautiful.β€’ But this will entail major political concessions by the government, including the surrender of the state monopoly over electronic media.β€’ General Haig would accept nothing less than unconditional surrender.unconditional surrenderβ€’ August 1945, to an unconditional surrender.β€’ The allies demanded unconditional surrender.β€’ Instead, they issued the Potsdam Declaration, calling again for unconditional surrender on pain of great destruction.β€’ In this case, however, unconditional surrender was now required.β€’ Tonight the staff accepted the council's unconditional surrender with a bottle of champagne.β€’ Hopes of a compromise peace stood no chance in the face of Franco's determination to pursue the Republic's unconditional surrender.