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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunoccupiedun‧oc‧cu‧pied /ʌnˈɒkjəpaɪd $ -ˈɑːk-/ adjective  1 EMPTYa seat, house, room etc that is unoccupied has no one in itsee thesaurus at empty2 PMWARan unoccupied country or area is not controlled by the enemy during a war
Examples from the Corpus
unoccupiedMany of the old houses that back onto the railway are now unoccupied.Shower cubicles were steamy with recent use, but also unoccupied.It's a scandal that there are so many unoccupied buildings in this city, and so many homeless people.Suddenly, a whole new planet was accessible; and not only accessible but available, unoccupied, deserted.The family fled to unoccupied France.From the outside, I suppose I look like an unoccupied house with one unconvincing night-light left on.This world is just about empty and the unoccupied land is probably fertile.At present, a council has to set the same standard charge for all unoccupied second homes.Two wooden benches, unoccupied, their surface polished by human friction, repeated the corner made by their adjacent walls.