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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishveteranvet‧e‧ran /ˈvetərən/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 PMsomeone who has been a soldier, sailor etc in a warveteran of a veteran of the Second World War a Vietnam veteran2 EXPERIENCEsomeone who has had a lot of experience of a particular activityveteran of a veteran of countless political campaignsveteran politician/campaigner/leader etc the veteran leader of the socialist partyveteran journalist/actor/goalkeeper etc
Examples from the Corpus
veteranVeteran diplomat Richard Murphy is heading the commission.Millett is a veteran campaigner for women's rights.Among the protesters will be Laura Magnani, another veteran in the campaign against capital punishment.a 12-year classroom veteranChiles, a three-term veteran of the U.S. Senate, won the governorship of Florida.The case of these two veterans may be just the beginning.Gulf War veteransveteran ofa veteran of the 1960s civil rights battlesveteran journalist/actor/goalkeeper etcThat's the shock verdict from his former Ibrox team-mate, veteran goalkeeper Dave McKellar.