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volunteervolunteer2 ●●○ AWL verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]OFFER to offer to do something without expecting any reward, often something that other people do not want to dovolunteer to do something Helen volunteered to have Thanksgiving at her house this year.volunteer for Sidcup volunteered for guard duty. I volunteered my services as a driver.2 [transitive]OFFER to tell someone something without being asked Michael volunteered the information before I had a chance to ask.3 [intransitive]PM to offer to join the army, navy, or air force When war broke out, my father volunteered immediately.4 [transitive]SUGGEST to say that someone else will do a job even though they may not want to do itvolunteer somebody for something Mum volunteered Dave for washing-up duties.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
volunteerAndy didn't wait to be drafted - he volunteered.His wife, Alcestis, volunteers.It also volunteered a fat contribution to the San Diego Host Committee, which helped raise money for the convention.A teacher volunteers and works the staff through a brainstorming session, listing all the issues that they feel should be discussed.Some areas have volunteer clearing agencies where people wishing to volunteer can register.No one volunteered for night duty.The girls did not volunteer for the job.Jill volunteered to go with me to the hospital.Will anyone volunteer to help me clean up this mess?We at Downtown News hereby volunteer to print those details if Wells Fargo makes them available.volunteered ... servicesMrs V Hawkins volunteered her services and G. Espin offered to provide street maps. 4.Hofmeyr had volunteered his services free of charge.By nightfall, the private airboat owners who had volunteered their services were asked to go home.volunteer somebody for something"Did they find someone to watch the kids?" "I volunteered Dad for it."