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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwarlikewar‧like /ˈwɔːlaɪk $ ˈwɔːr-/ adjective  1 PMWARliking war and being skilful in it a warlike nation2 PMWARthreatening war or attack a warlike stance
Examples from the Corpus
warlikeHe was being sought by their gestapo in retribution for his warlike acts.The Black Orcs were the most difficult to defeat, because they were so warlike and determined.warlike behaviorThe world is uneasy and some regions are warlike, but peace generally reigns.Halflings are not especially warlike by nature, and their troopers are for the most part country watchmen, game wardens and foresters.Traditional steps were incorporated into warlike foot movements surmounted by expressive hand gestures.In Gregory's narrative the Thuringians appear as dupes for the more sophisticated and warlike Franks.The United States is the most peaceful, least warlike nation in modern history.Many women died in childbirth, but it was not so dangerous as the warlike pursuits of the men-folk.