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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbangerbang‧er /ˈbæŋə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English informal  1 DFa sausage bangers and mash (=sausages and mashed potato)2 TTCan old car in bad condition an old banger3 DLOa type of noisy firework
Examples from the Corpus
bangerIt complements a banger perfectly and will make you forget the November chill.Magic is more of a banger.I have known rocks become oblivious to both the old type of scarecrow and its modern equivalent, the automatic banger.By the late Sixties, an was an exotic banger.Light banger with matches. 38.Collect the matches, banger and coin. 37.Plus there are adhesive strips, banger strips, mottos and hats - everything you need for a cracking cracker.old bangerThey nearly came to scratching each other because Janice says they've only got an old banger.He had an old banger of his own, bought with Philip Arbuthnot's legacy.Well, it was half true, he was checking out an old banger.Young people often steal the most attractive and new models rather than old bangers.