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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbodybod‧y /ˈbɒdi $ ˈbɑːdi/ ●●● S1 W1 noun (plural bodies)  1 body.jpg people/animals [countable]BODY the physical structure of a person or animal the human body My fingers were numb and my whole body ached.body weight/temperature/size Your body temperature is higher in the daytime than at night. For their body size, these birds lay very small eggs. He needs to overcome a negative body image (=what you think about your own body).2 dead personDEAD BODY [countable]BODY the dead body of a person A dog found the body of a girl in the woods.3 groupGROUP OF PEOPLE [countable] a group of people who work together to do a particular job or who are together for a particular purpose The British Medical Association is the doctors’ professional body.body of There were reports of a large body of armed men near the border. Kaplan served on the governing body of the museum (=the group who control the museum). The student body (=all the students in a school or college) numbers 5,000. The research will be used by government departments and other public bodies (=groups whose work is connected to the government).in a body (=as a group, together) The women moved towards the building in a body.see thesaurus at organization4 body of something5 body of water6 middle partCENTRAL PART [countable]BODY the central part of a person or animal’s body, not including the head, arms, legs, or wings Nick had bruises on his face and body. The bird has a small body and long wings.7 vehicleVEHICLE [countable]TTC the main structure of a vehicle not including the engine, wheels etc Workers at the factory are making steel bodies for cars. 8 objectSEPARATE OBJECT [countable]SEPARATE technical an object that is separate from other objects Keep the caps on the bottles to prevent foreign bodies entering them (=objects that should not be there). heavenly body at heavenly(3)9 hairHAIR [uncountable]DCB if your hair has body, it is thick and healthy This shampoo will give more body to your hair.10 taste [uncountable] if food or an alcoholic drink has body, it has a strong flavour (=taste) A small amount of tomato paste will give extra colour and body to the sauce.11 keep body and soul together12 body and soul13 instrument [countable] the wide part of a musical instrument such as a violin or guitar, or of a sports racket (=bat) The guitar is 16 inches wide across the body.14 clothingCLOTHES [countable] British EnglishDCC a type of tight-fitting shirt worn by women that fastens between their legs syn body suit American English over my dead body at dead1(11)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesthe human bodyThere are billions of cells in an adult human body.the female/male bodyhis drawings of the female bodythe upper/lower bodySlowly raise your upper body into a sitting position.somebody’s whole bodyHer whole body froze with fear.body + NOUNbody weightYou have exactly the right body weight for your height.body temperatureExercise will raise your body temperature.body size/shapedifferences in body size and shapebody fluidsReplace your body fluids by drinking lots of water.body fatMales have less body fat than females.body language (=the movements and expressions that show what you feel)Nervousness is usually clearly expressed in body language.body image (=what you think you look like)People tend to have their own body image fixed in their minds. THESAURUSbody the shape, size, and appearance of someone’s bodyMany women are not happy with their bodies.His clothes emphasized his strong body.figure a woman’s figure is the shape of her body – used especially when it is attractiveShe has a really nice figure.Freya had an enviably slim figure.build the size and shape of someone’s body – used in the following phrasesPolice described the man as tall and of medium build.He was of heavy build.She has a very slight build.physique the size and appearance of someone’s body – used especially about men who look attractiveHe was over 1.8 m tall with a muscular physique.Ben has a very athletic physique.a dead bodybody noun [countable] the dead body of a personHer body was discovered at the bottom of a cliff.Firefighters found the body of a woman in the house.corpse noun [countable] the dead body of a person. Corpse is is used when you are thinking about the body as an object rather than a personPathologists examined the corpse.carcass noun [countable] the dead body of an animala whale carcassThe carcasses of the infected animals were burned.remains noun [plural] parts of a dead person or animal, especially when they died a long time agoPolice found human remains under the floorboards of the house.
Examples from the Corpus
bodyThese too contain that interior form like a body with the arms and legs out.Belfast City Airport Forum is a new advisory body set up to discuss environmental issues affecting the airport and the surrounding area.Jane Fonda has an amazing body for a woman of her age.The first time I ever saw a dead body was at my grandfather's funeral.The matrix enables links to the awards of other examining bodies to be established.UEFA is the governing body for European football.a strong, healthy bodyCalvin was not happy with his body, no matter how much he exercised.His body and amused gaze point at the camera, and he holds a cigarette in his free hand.His body was flown home to be buried.There are over 1000 muscles in the human body.The black widow spider has red-orange markings on its body.Mr Price's long body and short arms and legs gave him a rather strange appearance.Baby monkeys cling to their mothers' bodies until they are old enough to start climbing by themselves.By the time I got home my body ached all over and I knew I was getting the flu.From that time on, it seemed as though I loathed myself and looked for ways to punish my body.The village paths soon became covered with a mass of bodies, brains, blood and intestines.The woman fell to her knees beside her son's body and began crying and wailing.Physical activities need to be monitored as sudden body contact or jarring of the head can bring about further dislocation.Police found the body of a young boy in Epping Forest last night.Push the body, it meets its limit.The bodies of the two soldiers were buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.The body of the plane broke in two.Many teenagers are self-conscious about their bodies.A given rocket booster could actually land more mass on these bodies than it could land on the Moon!If you don't start taking care of your body, you're going to have a heart attack one of these days.body weight/temperature/sizeThus, it is essential to monitor urine flow, serum tonicity, and body weight during the deprivation.Controlling body temperature: problems of the elderly and the very young. 8.The student sits on the floor and opens his legs in front of him, pushing his body weight forward as far as it will go.Extrapolating this knowledge to a 10-ton dinosaur, they calculated that a one-degree rise in body temperature would take some 86 hours.Readings were only normal when I was walking, perhaps because of the tendency of exertion to increase body temperature.The gene is also associated with increased body weight.Relative to its body size, the parrot has the biggest brain of all.Scrambling nets need more awareness and control of body weight than fixed frames.body ofthe body of believers in the churchforeign bodiesForeign bodies A small proportion of vaginal discharges are due to foreign bodies.Eyes inflamed from trauma or after foreign bodies have been removed.A group of prisoners was carefully picking foreign bodies from a mound of rice before cooking.