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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcabcab /kæb/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 TELEPHONEa taxi New York’s yellow cabstake/get a cab I took a cab to the airport.call (somebody) a cab (=telephone for a taxi) Ralph tried to hail a cab (=wave to get a cab to stop for you).2 TTCthe part of a bus, train, or truck in which the driver sits3 TTBa carriage pulled by horses that was used like a taxi in the pastCOLLOCATIONSverbstake/get/catch a cab (=travel by cab)Why don't we take a cab to the theater?call/order (somebody) a cab (=telephone for one to come)Here's the phone number if you want to call a cab.phone for a cab British English (=call a cab)There's no need to give me a lift. I'll phone for a cab.get into/out of a cabI just saw Fiona getting into a cab.hail a cab written (=wave to make a cab stop for you)Martin put his hand out and hailed a cab.cab + NOUNa cab driverMany cab drivers fear being robbed.a cab fare (=the money you pay to travel in a cab)My Dad gave me the money for my cab fare.a cab ride (=trip in a cab)It's only a short cab ride to Georgetown.
Examples from the Corpus
cabOne seemed to think I wanted a cab ride, but I pointed to my car.Drivers are in such close proximity to passengers and there is no grille between them as in black cabs.Police recognized Moll and arrested him as a suspect in two grocery store robberies, also involving getaway cabs.Benji can look like a broken-down old cab horse with a real novice on his back or he can look really smart.In October 1991 a woman was thrown from the cab of this van on the M40 and died.Rocky O'Rourke, in the cab of his big sixteen wheeler, was parked about twenty yards north of the gates.Without glancing back at the house, he climbed into the cab of the Land Rover.hail a cabMcCready waited ten minutes, strolled to the cab rank on Tunistrasse and hailed a cab for Bonn.He hailed a cab and went to the Montrose.I offer to help hail a cab but Kael prefers the services of the doorman at the neighbouring Algonquin Hotel.A couple of minutes later I hailed a cab and was on my way to Heathrow.CabCharge customers can phone or hail cabs displaying a distinctive blue decal.He walked quickly, getting three streets clear, then hailed a cab.She raised her hand to hail a cab but the Paris traffic was zooming by at its usual break-neck pace.