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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcar parkˈcar park ●●● S3 noun [countable] British English  1 TTCan area where people can park their cars syn parking lot American English2 TTCan enclosed building in a public place where people can park their cars syn parking garage American EnglishTHESAURUScar park British English a place with spaces for people to park their cars, either outside or in a buildingI parked in the car park next to the hospital.parking lot American English a car parkThe hotel has an underground parking lot.multistorey British English, multistorey car park a building containing a car park of several levelsThe car park was a huge concrete multistorey.parking garage American English a multi-storey car park or an indoor, often underground, car parkI scraped the car leaving the parking garage.parking space a space for one car in a car parkThere wasn’t a single parking space available.garage an indoor place for parking a car, attached to a houseHe reversed the car out of the garage.
Examples from the Corpus
car parkShe turned into the big car park.I was walking across the car park when some one jumped on my back.They headed for the car park outside.From the car park turn right and head south.Five strapping boys were carrying one of the rowdy rugby supporters against her will in the direction of the car park.Plans for a 1,000-vehicle car park are also included.