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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarriercar‧ri‧er /ˈkæriə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 BBCTTa company that moves goods or passengers from one place to anothercarry an international carrier2 PMTTCa military vehicle or ship used to move soldiers, weapons etc aircraft carrier, people carrier3 MI medical someone who passes a disease or gene to other people, especially without being affected by it themselvescarry carriers of the lung disease, TB4 TTBsomething used for carrying somethingcarry a baby carrier5 D British English a carrier bag6 American English a company that provides a service such as insurance or telephones
Examples from the Corpus
carrierCarrie had Nick's case as well as her own and a carrier bag with a broken string handle.a carrier with routes to the eastern U.S.So the last hope of hitting the enemy carriers was reluctantly abandoned.We give a gift to the letter carrier at Christmas.a newspaper carrierYet Gloria herself never seemed to hold on to more than the bare essentials that they had in their two paper carriers.Fuchida ordered his remaining 324 aircraft back to the waiting carriers but stayed as long as he could over the target.