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cornercorner2 verb  1 [transitive]CATCH to force a person or animal into a position from which they cannot easily escape Once the dog was cornered, he began to growl.see thesaurus at catch2 [transitive] to go to someone who is trying to avoid you, and make them listen to you Later, he cornered Jenny on the stairs and asked her what was wrong.3 corner the market4 [intransitive]TTC if a car corners, it goes around a corner or bend in the road→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cornerThough around Jessica he remained at least somewhat aloof, Kip could be brutal, especially when cornered.Pupo sits among these Strange white people, ashamed and cornered.The next day they went into battle with the desperate courage of brave men cornered.If they are cornered by a predator, mountain goats will not hesitate to use their horns to defend themselves.The building oozed a melancholy yet defiant air, cornered by an unforgiving landscape with which it refused to make any compromises.Toplis was eventually cornered by police, I believe in Cumberland, and the murderer was shot dead whilst resisting arrest.Douglas was cornered by the killers in the back bedroom of a seventh-floor apartment.Hill cornered her at a party just before she left Washington.The boys cornered him on a subway platform and began beating him.There are other variations but they all end up with black's king being cornered on h8 or h7.He was cornered outside the school by three apparent gang members wearing red, the emblem of the Nortenos.The new Audis corner very well.